Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Amigo Del Blues Presenta Anecdoradio Volumen 63

Volume 63 featuring tunes from brother's Juan Anecdoradio show. Every Thursday night from 21.30 to 23.30 a.m. (Mexico Time) on Radio UAA,  Enjoy!

Anecdoradio Vol.63

Monday, September 19, 2016

Lord Sebastian Presents Zorba the Freak Tells his Untold Stories Vol. 1 (The 70's Singles)

It was a cold night(!!!) a few days ago that a tired pigeon knocked the door of Boozetunes. Thunders and lightnings were whipping the air outside. Fuzzy opened the window to see what 's going on, and a huge pigeon flew in and after a circle, it sat on Fuzzy's desk. With a human voice the pigeon, said to the speechless Fuzzy: "I carry a message for you, and it isnt in a bottle, neither in the tube that is tied on my left claw". Fuzzy said: "Pigeon you can talk!!!"
"You should go to your computer Fuzzy", the pigeon said calmly, "and check you e-mail". The pigeon rests its wing comfortably on a pile of compilations, while observing silently Fuzzy checking his email...
It was there!!! An email from an unknown to us sender, that included the songs you see in this collection.
His demands were to make whatever artwork we like for them, post the collection here in Boozetunes land, and feed some lemon drops to us in order to be able to continue seeing the pigeon and talk to it.
That was the moment the pigeon open the tube, that had tied on it, and throw some sugar lumps on the desk...
While listening to all the tunes, we were surprised and enthusiast cause rare! hard to find and unknown "diamonds"! of the the greek music scene of the 70's, only singles, were included!!!
A collection for the few us, that we really know that era... The pigeon started flying above Fuzzy's head, in circles telling him, "You are in Lord Sebastians team now, and you should expect more to hear from him in the future.This message will self destruct in 5 seconds"  and in the countdown of 5, it became glitter, dust and confetti.
Dazed but not confused, we complied with his demands and now we are sharing it with all of you, our beloved boozetuners.
Mystery will remain who is Lord Sebastian.
Might be Greek too(?)
A crazy collector hidden in his vaults(?)
A veteran of the scene(?)
A magical entity(?)
Will he contact us again in the future?...
Very possible assuming that this one says Vol.1.
With the fog that mystery left behind, there is only one thing left to do. Enjoy the rare 70's Greek by Lord Sebastian.

The 70s Singles Vol.01

Friday, September 16, 2016

Dr Psych & The Invisible Side of Rock Present The Side Effects of Mind Therapy Vol. 1

You all know that Boozetunes, co operates with a lot of people of science, since Boozetunes itself is a therapeutic center and has a licence to do scientific projects (ex. Reverend Fuzzy Daddy Exorcise Demons Out In The Name Of Blues).
In one of the last symposiums we took part, the guest of the night was Dr Psych, and his theory about the healing-therapeutic side of music, especially psychedelic, in long terms of use.
Either with the company of booze and friends, or simply your other half, even alone, according to Dr Psych, music and especially psychedelic music, has a lot to offer when you tripping through your mind.
The treatment doesn't need hot air balloons, fields of flying daffodils, pink elephants or any special "wiring". With the help of a descent amount of decibels you will get to the highest levels of the substance you need, for your therapy to start.
Dr Psych's treatments are covered by the insurance package every Boozetuner has, so you can get them without prescriptions, for free here in Boozetunes.
Another social contribution from this glorious blog. (we are also very modest here, no to forget)...
Highly Noted
No animals harmed for filming this movie.
None of our products was tested on animals.
Possible side effects: bliss, addiction to the genre, and constant smiles of happiness and fulfillment.
Enjoy irresponsibly!!! Doctors orders!!!
(Volunteers are needed for being test subjects)

Vol.01 Off The Meds

You can visit Dr Psych in his office,

The Invisible Side of Rock

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Edgar Mod Presents The Modphenia Selections Volume 01

Mod is not just a fashion or a sub-cultural-allegiance, but a state of mind and lifestyle.
To be a Mod is to look in the face of an often disappointing world and still
think it is fantastic, because one has seen what is possible.
To be a Mod is to “be real” in a way that is not obvious in mainstream society...
Wearing his tailored suit and riding his scooter, Edgar Mod enters our community, Boozetunes land, making a debut with his "Modphenia" series.
Get your floor ready to go-go the tunes!!!

Modphenia Vol.01

Monday, September 12, 2016

Amigo Del Blues Presenta Anecdoradio Volumen 62

Another great collection from my brother's Juan Radio Show. Every Thursday night from 21.30 to 23.30 a.m. (Mexico Time) on Radio UAA  Enjoy !

Anecdoradio Vol.62

Monday, September 5, 2016

Uncle Lakis Presents Forgotten Tales From the Old Albion Vol.10

We have the pleasure to present you and have here with us, in Boozetunes land, another good friend of us, Uncle Lakis(you know the man from u.n.c.l.e.? no relation!!!). We met and had many chats through his web radio shows, and it didn't took us long to get that we share the same passion and musical interests. As you have already understand Uncle is also a 60's-70's music lover. In his first post, he's taking the UK folk from were we left them (Vol.9) to take them the stars and beyond !!! Welcome aboard Uncle Lakis and enjoy the trip!!!

Old Albion Vol.10

Friday, September 2, 2016

Horatius Rex In The Quest Of The Psychedelic Experience Vol.1

Χωρίς ενθύμια της παλαιότερης ύπαρξης το ταξίδι της αναζήτησης μεταβάλει τις ψυχές και τους νόες .
Κάποιοι χάθηκαν ..... κάποιοι πέρασαν στην άλλη πλευρά ......
Ο Οράτιος Ρεξ ένας ηχητικός Στάλκερ είναι εδώ να συντροφεύσει και να οδηγήσει τους διαλεχτούς στο δρόμο της αναπόδραστης ψυχεδελικής αλήθειας .....

The Holy Grail